Summary Of Korean War  

The Korean War had started soon after the World War II had come to an end. The war between North and South Koreas started on 25th June of 1950 and ended on 27 July of 1953. Until the seventh century Korea was a single country. However, Japan occupied the northern part of Korea for nearly 35 years. The Russians started occupying the Southern part of Korea. But, America did not want the communist government to spread so they started talking to South Korea.

The United States approached the United Nations and asked them to stop the spread of communism. So, in August 1948, the United Nations suggested that North and South Koreas hold elections. However, the soviets that were in South Korea strongly opposed the idea and the beginning of conflict had started already. Because of the disagreements over the elections and unification the Korean peninsula was divided into North and South Korea at the 38th parallel. North Korea was called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea; and South Korea was called Republic of South Korea. Even after North and South Koreas formed their respective governments and had their leaders, both the leaders were working on the unification of these countries. However, they had their own terms and conditions which never worked out and only seemed to make the matters worse.

On 25th June of 1950 North Korea invaded South Korea and the United Nations intervened and called for a cease fire. The UN members were asked to assist South Korea. So the United States of America stepped into the picture. A total of 21 nations were actually involved in the Korean War. North Koreans captured Seoul in 1950. In a counter attack by the United Nations, Pusan and a part of Seoul was recaptured by South Korea. In 1951 the United Nations dug the 38th parallel and the armistice negotiations came to a halt. Until the armistice was signed on July 27th of 1953 such tensions continued in North and South Korea. The agreement that was signed brought the war to an end officially. However, the tensions lasted for five decades after the agreement was signed. The North and South Koreans were always at war with each other and there was too much bad blood. By 1959, even the American troops had withdrawn from South Korea.

The Korean War in the history of Korea was devastating for the country. Millions of people were killed and the entire nation as reduced to dust. However, South Korea seems to have come up from the effects of war and today they are doing very well for themselves. The economic conditions in North Korea, however, remain bad and they are struggling with poverty and illiteracy and various other problems.

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Summary Of Korean War




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