When Did The Korean War Start ?  

Korea was occupied by Japan for nearly 35 years and the people were tired of colonist rule. At the end of the World War II, the United States and Russia both had entered Korea to fight against the Japanese. The Japanese surrendered on September 9th, 1945. However, at that time, there were still tensions in Korea, and the United States and USSR the country should be divided in 2, as it was in the best interest of the people. The Koreans, on the other hand, wanted to stay united.

North Korea decided to use force against South Korea in order to unite these countries. With the help of soviet North Korea invaded South Korea. The United Nations intervened and called for a cease fire on 25th June 1950. This is when the Korean War began. However, South Korea was angered by the actions of North Korea and they sought help from the US to suppress North Korea. This war continued for three long years. These were the three longest years in the Korean history. The attacks continued form both the sides. Invasions and effort to invade both the territories continued.

The entire country was going through mass destruction. At that time both North and South Korea were divided at the 38th parallel. However, during the civil war this rule was not respected. Finally, in 1952, the United Nations dug at the 38th parallel and laid the foundation for the peace treaty. They said that the war ahs to stop as it was meaningless and had no purpose. In July 1953, on the 27th, the peace treaty was signed by the both the leaders of Korea. That is when the war officially ended at least on the paper. However, even long after the war for nearly half a century until 2000 there were tensions on the Korean border. North and South Korea never attempted at unison again and even today they stand as two individual countries of the same peninsula.

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When Did The Korean War Start




Who Won The Korean War ?      The Korean War was a civil war, and it is difficult to say who won the war exactly as both sides faced heavy losses in terms of lives and money. The war came to an end only due to the efforts of the United Nations, who forced both the nations to sign a peace treaty. The Armistice that was signed in July of 1953 states that there was a peace treaty. Basically, it meant that both North and South Koreas had mutually agreed to end the war on peaceful terms, which were necessarily be amicable terms. More..




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