Why Did The Korean War Start ?  

The Korean War started mainly because of the disagreement between North and South Korean leaders. However, it need not have ended as a war. The Korean circumstances turned into a war mainly because of the United States and USSR. The two super powers of the world were having a cold war for a long time, even before the World War II. The United States managed to involve itself wherever they feared that communism would spread and Russia, which was a communist country, wanted to invade and spread communism. So both these countries always had a reason to fight with each other.

In Korea, the United States supported the South Koreans, while the Russians supported the North Koreans. Both the super powers were extremely powerful and they both had nuclear arsenal. In addition, the 2 nations were much ahead in army and military capabilities compared to the rest of the world. They were constantly competing with each other to gain world supremacy. Hence, this was one of the reasons for the start of the Korean War.

As the Korean War progressed, millions of people were killed because of the armed forces of the United States and USSR was involved. For a long time these both countries were bombing each other. The actual war in Korea can be categorized as civil war where North and South Koreans were not supporting each other. Korea, on the other hand, also did not want to be a occupied land under Russia or the United States. So, both these super powers thought that it was best to divide the nation into 2. They approached the United Nations and finally the peninsula was divided along the 38th parallel. North Korea was called the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea, whereas South Korea was officially known as the Republic of South Korea.

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Why Did The Korean War Start




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