Significance Of Montgomery Bus Boycott  

The significance of Montgomery Bus Boycott is highlighted as it altered the way the protests were done during the Civil Rights Movement. It was crucial non-violent event that helped furthering the cause of the movement and in addition, it also helped other civil rights groups to evolve.

The boycott was one of the first victories for the Civil Rights Movement, and it showed that not just the African Americans living in Montgomery could travel in public transport as equals, but also the African Americans in other parts of the country. In addition, with ruling of the US Supreme Court that segregation in Montgomery buses was unlawful, it showed that one of the statutes in the Jim Crow law was also unlawful. Hence, people began thinking whether all the laws under the main Jim Crow law were unlawful.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott led to changes in the constitution with the Civil Rights Act of 1957 as well as 1964. Both these acts allowed all African Americans the right to cast their ballot and also prevented discrimination against African Americans and women. These 2 acts paved for a new era of equality within the US. All the states in the US had to follow these acts. The verdict of the US Supreme Court also helped in reinforcing other cases and this proved a great help in furthering the cause of the Civil Rights Movement.

The boycott also brought Rev Martin Luther King, Jr. into national limelight and showed people what peaceful methods of protest could achieve, while undermining the violent approach adopted by Malcolm X.

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Significance Of Montgomery Bus Boycott




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