Significance Of The Watergate Scandal  

The Watergate Scandal took place when Richard Nixon was the president and it led to the indictment of many advisors of the president. It was because of the scandal that Nixon was forced to resign on August 9th, 1974. The significance of the Watergate Scandal was immense.

The scandal broke out because of break in that occurred in the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee on June 17th 1972. A total of 5 burglars were arrested and further investigation revealed that the burglars and some advisors of the president were involved in conspiracy and illegal wiretapping. Also, it was found out that the involved men were either directly or indirectly employed by the president's Committee to Reelect the President.

The significance of the Watergate Scandal is as follows:

  • The US Congress decided to curtail the power of the president when it came to deployment of troops, money matters and freedom of information.
  • With the impeachment proceedings that began against Richard Nixon, it was shown to the Americans and the rest of the world that no person was above the law.
  • The scandal put an end to Nixon's political career, and left his reputation in tatters.
  • The Freedom of Information Act was further strengthened and this allowed people to get easier access to government-related documents.
  • The public became even more wary and distrustful of politicians and that would explain why in the year 1977, the country went on to elect a rather unknown farmer from Georgia, Jimmy Carter.

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Significance Of The Watergate Scandal




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