Who Was Involved In The Watergate Scandal ?  

The Watergate Scandal involved many important men from Richard Nixon's administration, the FBI and Richard Nixon himself. Some of the people involved in the Watergate Scandal included John Mitchell, the former US Attorney General; John Dean, the White House Counsel; HR Haldman, the White House Chief of Staff; John Ehrlichman, the White House Special Assistant on Domestic Affairs; and of course the US President Richard Nixon.

The scandal would have never come out had it not been for a security guard named Frank Wills. When Wills on rounds around the Watergate Hotel on June 17th, 1972 late in the night, he happened to a piece of tape attached to the door leading from the parking garage into the basement stairwell. The door was not locked, so Wills removed the tape and did not pay too much attention to it.

However, on returning from his rounds to the same place, Wills once again found that the tape had put on the door. This caused him to become curious and he telephoned the police. The police arrived by 2.30 am and found 5 men wearing latex gloves and business suits in the office of the Democratic National Committee. The police caught the men fixing wiretapping equipment. It is also claimed that the men were clicking photographs of some documents.

The 5 men arrested were Bernard Barker, Virgilio Gonzalez, Eugenio Martinez, Frank Sturgis and James W McCord, Jr. According to a Washington Post reporter, who was present for the arraignment of the 5 men, one of the so-called burglars claimed to be part of the CIA. A telephone book recovered from Barker listed the number of E Howard Hunt, who used to work for the White House.

Hence, there were many people involved in the Watergate Scandal. While we know the names of several of them, in all probability there are others who were never named or discovered.

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Who Was Involved In The Watergate Scandal




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