Alexander The Great After His Death  

Alexander the Great was a famous historical figure, and the world remembers him even today. He was known for his valor and he waged several wars. Anywhere in the world he attacked, he conquered the region and it became his. Alexander the Great died in Babylon under mysterious circumstances.

He died on June 323 BCE on a fine afternoon. This information was obtained from the astronomical diaries of the Babylonians but the date of his death is argued by experts. Also, the astronomical readings could have been very inaccurate.Alexander was very weak when he died. His daily routine was to bathe and go about his day’s work of issuing orders to his army men, and also planning on conquering new territories. However, towards the end of his days, he was not able to get up from his bed and he started giving orders while lying in bed. He did not want to meet his soldier even though they were very eager to meet with him.

Soon his people started carrying him along with his bed. Medius was his closest associate, and in Alexander's final days, it was Medius who was carrying the orders on behalf of Alexander. He would carry the orders of Alexander to the chiefs and generals and instruct them what to do.

However, after Alexander’s death, his empire fell apart. The generals who were at feud while Alexander was alive in his final days started an outrageous war among themselves. They fought for various regions conquered by Alexander, and the country that the great king built started falling apart. There were several smaller divisions, and everyone started fighting for their own land. There was no real successor to Alexander after his death.

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Alexander The Great After His Death




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