Alexander The Great And Aristotle  

Alexander the Great was Aristotle’s disciple. They both shared a unique teacher and disciple relationship. Aristotle was from Stagira, and the school that Alexander studied in was at Mieza of Greece.

Alexander studied several things in that school, but he learnt about politics and morals from Aristotle. Even today, when you visit these places in Greece, you can see the place where Aristotle sat and taught Alexander. Much of the politics and facts about warfare were taught here.However, Aristotle did not teach Alexander how to fight. He gave him a lot of lessons in negotiating and he taught him several theories of politics and also people management. This clearly explains that even the greatest kings needed to know how to negotiate, handle an army and run the business of a country.

Using the morals received from Aristotle, Alexander conducted several of his daily routines. Alexander also learnt several rules of oral communication from the great master. While in that school, several of Aristotle’s disciples also taught him, but he mainly learnt the secrets from the great master himself.

Alexander, after returning to his kingdom, practiced the teachings of Aristotle within his family and on his family members. He always saw his father’s indifference towards him. Alexander’s mother played a very important role in shaping his career, and she always advised him to be the greatest. Even today, he is known as Alexander the Great, which is his title. He was considered great and invincible by several Greek soldiers for years to come.

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Alexander The Great And Aristotle




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