Alexander The Great Biography  

Alexander the Great, who conquered the world, was born in Pella, Macedonia in 356 B.C.E. He was a Greek warrior and a great one. He was the son of King Phillip II and Olympias.

Alexander's mother was a very spiritual woman, and she taught her son the greatness of Achilles and Hercules. She also told him that he was a descendant of these great warriors.Even as a child, Alexander was trained for conquest, and his mother always encouraged him to become a great king. Due to his mother's words, Alexander always dreamt of a huge kingdom to rule.

At 13, Alexander went to study under the great Greek philosopher Aristotle. As Aristotle’s disciple, he took interest in subjects like philosophy, medicine and science. Aristotle mainly taught the concept of having small cities and this did not sit well with the young prince. Right from childhood Alexander’s dream was to the greatest ruler. At 16, Alexander fought his first war when he was called back to Macedonia to defeat a Thracian enemy when his father was away. Alexander took over, defeated the enemy, and renamed this city as Alexandroupolis. This where he started conquering lands, and his thirst to expand his kingdom became more.


In 336 B.C.E., King Phillip was assassinated. Alexander was only 20 at that time. He took over the throne of Macedonia. Within the next two years he managed to collect an army of thirty thousand men and five thousand cavalry men. Also, along with the army, Alexander the Great had a crew of engineers, architects, scientists and historians who would work with him.

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Alexander The Great Biography




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