Alexander The Great Personality  

Alexander the Great has been the subject of discussion for many historians and also several Hollywood directors attempted to make a movie on him. He had a complex personality, and is considered to be a very difficult person to understand. He had all the great qualities, but still he lacked in many ways.

He had superhuman capabilities, and was respected like god in his kingdom. People were in awe of his bravery and considered him invincible. However, throughout his life, Alexander had only fought wars and he never did anything more.

He was worshipped like a god by his people because he brought home several victories. In Greece, if someone was ever compared to god, it was Alexander the Great, and this sentence is not said for effects even today. It was truly like that. However, as a man, Alexander had a very vivid personality as he was bisexual. He was all the time merrymaking, had several women to sleep with, he even used transsexuals and he always drank a lot. In spite of his lifestyle, he did conquer even the greatest nations. The only country he could not conquer was India, which is again another legendary story. Today, Alexander is revered for several things by different world leaders, and is also a beacon for several causes worldwide.

Though he was the one to wage wars, he had mentioned in his writings that he was also looking for peace and happiness. He was a peace lover, but at the same time his conquest to expand his kingdom was also present. It is these mixed feelings that Alexander had which makes him a person with complex personality. Both the feelings were strongly present in him.

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Alexander The Great Personality




Alexander-The-Great-Timeline      Alexander the Great was the king of Macedonia. Even today, he is renowned for his valor, intelligence, imagination, and compassion. He studied for three years under the tutelage of the renowned philosopher Aristotle. He was the son of another great Macedonian king, Philip II, who was instrumental in uniting entire Macedonia. More..




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