Alexander The Great Timeline  

Alexander the Great was the king of Macedonia. Even today, he is renowned for his valor, intelligence, imagination, and compassion. He studied for three years under the tutelage of the renowned philosopher Aristotle. He was the son of another great Macedonian king, Philip II, who was instrumental in uniting entire Macedonia.

Alexander the Great was born in Pella located in Macedonia. The date of his birth according to the English calendar could have been July 20 or July 26. The timeline for Alexander the Great is not known with the exact dates. But a timeline of major events in Alexander the Great's life can be drawn.

Alexander the Great Timeline:

336 BC - Alexander is crowned the king of Macedonia

334 BC - He wins the Battle of the Granicus River after he wages war against Darius III, who was the king of Persia. 

333 BC - He also goes on to win the Battle of Issus against Darius

332 BC - When Tyre was sieged, Alexander the Great comes to the rescue. He then attacks Gaza, but he does not win

331 BC - He goes on to found Alexandria. In the same year he fights Darius and wins the Battle of Gaugamela

328 BC - Alexander the Great kills Black Cleitus at Samarkand for insulting him

327 BC - He marries Roxane, and the same year he takes his massive army and begins a march to India to conquer the country

326 BC - He fights and wins the Battle of River Hydaspes against Porus

324 BC - The soldiers in Alexander's army mount a mutiny at Opis

323 BC June 10 - Alexander the Great dies under mysterious circumstances in the place of Nebuchadnezzar II in Babylon

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Alexander The Great Timeline




Facts-About-Alexander-The-Great      Alexander the Great was born in July of 356 B.C. Alexander’s parents were King Philip II of Macedonia and Olympias, the daughter of Neoptolemus I. However, his parents were not happily married, and there were constant fights between them. More..




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