Facts About Alexander The Great  

Alexander the Great was born in July of 356 B.C. Alexander’s parents were King Philip II of Macedonia and Olympias, the daughter of Neoptolemus I. However, his parents were not happily married, and there were constant fights between them.

Here are some facts about Alexander the Great:

  • Alexander studied under the great philosopher Aristotle at the age of 13.
  • He was also coached by the great Greek Philosopher Aristotle.
  • Alexander’s favorite horse was Bucephalus. He personally trained it for warfare and would never fight without it. Later when his horse died Alexander named a city in India after the horse.
  • Alexander proved himself to his father by fighting the Battle of Chaeronea.
  • In 2336 B.C., Alexander’s father King Philip was assassinated and Alexander was named the king after that.
  • Alexander had three wives, Roxane, Statiera and Parysatis
  • Alexander had two children, Heracles, who was born to a mistress, and Alexander IV, who was born to Roxane. Both were killed before they reached adulthood.
  • Alexander went to conquer Turkey and he was in a city called Gordium in 333 B.C. he undid the Gordian knot which was tied by the legendary king Midas. The prophecy related to the knot was that whoever untied the knot will rule all over Asia. It was a devils task to untie the knot and also was very difficult to get there as it was heavily guarded. Only Alexander defeated all those who came in his way and slashed the knot with his sword. Even today this story is a legendary one.
  • Alexander carried a group of engineers, technicians, masons and architects wherever he went. He would typically conquer a country then make a capital city and then would ask his architects to construct unique buildings with his signature in that country.
  • Alexander conquered entire Asia, but he was unable to conquer India.

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Facts About Alexander The Great




How-Did-Alexander-The-Great-Die      Alexander was a great Macedonian king and warrior, who was born in Macedonia. He was the son of King Philip I and Olympias, the daughter of Neoptolemus I. Alexander studied under Aristotle at the early age of 13. Even as a child, Alexander was interested in warfare. His mother was a very spiritual woman and she always told him stories of great kings. She also wanted Alexander to rule the kingdom and not his step brother. More..




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