How Did Alexander The Great Die ?


Alexander was a great Macedonian king and warrior, who was born in Macedonia. He was the son of King Philip I and Olympias, the daughter of Neoptolemus I. Alexander studied under Aristotle at the early age of 13.

Even as a child, Alexander was interested in warfare. His mother was a very spiritual woman and she always told him stories of great kings. She also wanted Alexander to rule the kingdom and not his step brother.He was the same lineage as Hercules and Achilles. He knew about this as his mother had told him. When Aristotle taught that smaller kingdoms were better Alexander never agreed with him.

Alexander died on June 11 of 323 B.C. He died late in the afternoon. The exact date of his death, however, is something that is still being debated by historians. Towards the end, Alexander fell very sick, and he was bed ridden. However, several historians believe that he actually recovered from the illness and then came back to rule. There are other historians who believe that Alexander the Great died during this illness. This version is accepted more.

His closes associate was Medius and he was there with Alexander when he died. He did have the habit of keeping some records in a diary. However, the diary was found later and nothing much was mentioned about Alexander’s death in detail. Some of the evidences point out that he died in solitude and had nobody with him. He was devastated due to his children’s death, and it is quite possible that the deaths affected him very badly and ultimately leading to his own death. However, there are so many theories about his death that it is impossible to tell how he died. He could have died due to a disease or poison.

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How Did Alexander The Great Die




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