Weapons Of Alexander The Great  

Alexander the Great was one of the greatest emperors in the history of Greece. He conquered almost entire Asia. He was great at warfare, and he learned most of it from his father King Philip.

Alexander waged war all his life. Actually he was the most dreaded king, and the neighboring countries were mortally afraid of him as everyone heard of him. They did not want to be conquered by him.Some of the smaller nations voluntarily surrendered to him because they knew he was invincible. Alexander became a king when he was only 20 years old after his father was assassinated. However, he did not stay in the kingdom long to rule it. Instead, he traveled all over Asia to conquer more countries and expand his ever growing kingdom.

Alexander wanted to expand Macedonia more than anything else. Since he had trained under Aristotle, Alexander had a great intellect at a young age and also knew a lot of thing about politics. Even at that young age he was very philosophical. He made decisions with great care. When he fought his first war in the absence of his father, he conquered the city and named it Alexandrapolis. This was at the age of 16.

Being exposed to warfare at a very early age made Alexander very sharp and also he used great weapons. He was a master of weaponry. He used a companion cavalry and the phalanx. He used combination of weapons which gave his army the edge to fight.

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Weapons Of Alexander The Great




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