When Was Alexander The Great Born ?  

Alexander the Great was born in 356 BCE in a small place called Pella in Macedonia. Alexander was the son of King Philip I of Macedonia. His mother was Olympias, and she was from Epirus.

Alexander was a fearless young boy, and even as a child he always wanted to be the king. He was also very eager to learn.So, he was sent to Aristotle at the age of 13 to learn. Alexander learnt several great things from his mentor and tutor, but he did not agree with him about having small kingdoms. Alexander dreamed big. He wanted a huge kingdom.

He inherited the best qualities from his parents. His mother was a very intelligent woman and his father had exceptionally good organizing skills and also a great general. Alexander learnt all his warfare from his father. Alexander was also very athletic and good at sports. He was known to have a muscular and yet well maintained body. He worked very hard to stay in shape for the warfare.

Alexander was given several responsibilities even as a child. His father made him an ambassador to Athens when he was just 18 years old. Alexander became the king of Macedonia after his father was assassinated. He was 20 years old at that time. Some historians believed that his mother had a role in assassinating Alexander’s father. She never liked him and actually he had always been frivolous when it came to women.

Alexander is best known for his wars more than his life or lineage. That is why he is known as Alexander the Great.

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When Was Alexander The Great Born




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