Who Is Alexander The Great ?  

Alexander the Great is the king of Macedonia. He was the son of King Philip of Macedonia. He was a Greek warrior, and soon he became the great conqueror. He is the first and the only king who was referred to as great. In Greece, people worshipped Alexander the Great, and considered him equivalent to god when he ruled.

Like every Macedonian ruler, Alexander was very fond of drinking. His drinking habits knew no limits and some historians think that is what took his life.

Alexander did great things all his life. He became the king at an early age of 20 when his father was assassinated. He took over the kingdom and he was known to be a great ruler even at that young age. He had excellent negotiating skills. He was also very brave and he feared nothing including death. Many records stated that he was not scared of losing his life in war and thought it was an honor. He showed no fear to his enemy and that is what made the enemies weak. Alexander never stayed in Macedonia after he became the king. He always traveled looking for newer countries to conquer. When he reached Persia he decided to stay there for quite some time. That is when he married the princess of Persia.

However, he lived a very irresponsible life by drinking and sleeping with transvestites as well as women. He had several mistresses. He married three women and had two sons. One was a legitimate heir, while the other son was born from a mistress. However, both his sons were killed before they could reach adulthood.

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Who Is Alexander The Great




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