Why Was Alexander The Great So Great ?  

Alexander was often called as great, and people referred to him as Alexander the Great. The word great probably never left his name and it became the title with what the world will call him eventually. There was some greatness about him and that is why even today the world refers to him that way.

In Greece, Alexander was the only human who was worshipped and equated to god. The Greeks had great regard for their gods, and it was a great honor for Alexander to be considered as one of them. No king in Greece had enjoyed the status that Alexander enjoyed; not Achilles and not even the mighty Hercules. Both Achilles and Hercules were Alexander's ancestors.

Alexander was a great king. He won several wars and was the greatest hero for the people of Greece. He was invincible and he conquered several countries. He ruled almost entire Asia at one point. No other Greek warrior such a spectacular achievement in his record, and that is why Alexander was considered as great.

Alexander had great intellect at a young age. He won his first war at the young age of 16. He was born for war and victory. Alexander showed great interest in Greek philosophy, science and art. He spread the Greek language and civilization far and beyond from his lands of Macedonia. He also brought in the religion called Hellenism which spoke of Greek values. He was the greatest military commander that Greece ever knew of. He also had a personal historian called Plutarch. He wrote that Alexander wanted to rule over the entire world and that he actually wept when he came to know that the universe was infinite.

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Why Was Alexander The Great So Great




Alexander-The-Great-After-His-Death      Alexander the Great was a famous historical figure, and the world remembers him even today. He was known for his valor and he waged several wars. Anywhere in the world he attacked, he conquered the region and it became his. Alexander the Great died in Babylon under mysterious circumstances. He died on June 323 BCE on a fine afternoon. This information was obtained from the astronomical diaries of the Babylonians but the date of his death is argued by experts. Also, the astronomical readings could have been very inaccurate. More..




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