Ancient Greece Influence On America  

Ancient Greece made a huge impact on America which is evident even today. The ancient Greeks helped to lay the foundations for art, literature, theater, math, science, architecture, engineering and warfare. In fact, practically every area of American lives is influenced by Ancient Greece.

The ancient Greeks gave America and the rest of the world formulas and theorems. In addition, they provided written records that ended up being the foundation of all that followed in every basic field of study.

Many people are under the misconception that democracy was created by the founding fathers of America. However, the ideas for democracy were first established in ancient Greece and later expanded by the Romans. There are some who acknowledge the contributions of ancient Greece towards democracy but believe that democratic ideas lay dormant until taken up by the Americans in the 18th century. When the America’s founding fathers created a nation, they carried forward the best ideas of ancient Greece democracy.

Because of its location, ancient Greece was a melting pot of cultures just like America. Ancient Greece had people from different lands inhabiting the country and they all ended up sharing a common language but were still separate entities with their own gods and goddesses, army and currency. This is similar to America where each state is a separate entity to a certain extent but combined, the states become one nation. In America too, one can find people from many cultures who live harmoniously together while respecting each others cultural and religious diversity.

There is enough evidence to point out that ancient Greece had a profound influence on America and this influence is evident even today when one takes into consideration the cultural diversity, and the strides America has made in science, art, engineering, warfare and literature.

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Ancient Greece Influence On America




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