Ancient Greece Philosopher  

Ancient Greece has been a land of ancient wonders. It is one of the earliest civilizations in the world. It was much advanced even in the prehistoric times. People learned to read and write much earlier than other civilizations of that time.

There were great astrologers, philosophers, teachers and warriors from ancient Greece that the world remembers them even today.Each person is known for a different field. Some of the works of philosophy and theorems given by mathematicians are used even today by people all over the world. They are also the foundation for several great discoveries of the world.

Thales of Miletus is one of the oldest and the greatest Greek philosophers. He is not very popular, but he has taught many other famous Greek philosophers. He gave rational explanations for the physical phenomena. People believed they were the work of gods, but he gave very logical explanations.

Pythagoras was a legendary mathematician and philosopher. The Pythagoras theorem is famous even today, and forms an important part of the trigonometric functions. It is used by civil engineers, who make buildings, and by architects, who design great structures or even normal buildings. It is one of the greatest mathematical contributions.

Heraclites was a philosopher who wrote several books that forced the reader to think. Most of his works are lost, but whatever remained is considered to be the greatest philosophical works in history.

Who can forget Socrates and his philosophical works? Some of his quotes are the most popular in the world today and are said like he said. One of them is Que sera sera, which mean what has to happen will happen.

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Ancient Greece Philosopher




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