Archimedes Best Invention  

Archimedes is one of the most popular inventors known to people in the modern world. Everyone has studied the Archimedes principle in their school. He invented so many practical things. The Archimedes screw most probably is the greatest invention that is mentioned frequently. The screw is a common item of use even today.

King Hieron II started out on war, and he wanted Archimedes to design a ship. He wanted a huge naval ship that was fit for war. So, Archimedes started building the Syracusia. It was supposed to be the largest ship ever built, and also a thing of antiquity. However, if Archimedes built a ship that was of such an enormous size, then the water would pour into it. So, the Archimedes screw was actually invented so that the water can be brought out systematically.

The Archimedes screw pump is a simple construction, and yet very elegant. It was a screw shaped blade inside a cylinder and it could easily be turned by hand.

The reason why this simple invention is listed as the world’s greatest inventions and as Archimedes' best invention is that it is used widely even today to pump liquids, and in the coal and grain industry. In many developing nations, Archimedes screw is used to irrigate farmlands. It works without failing in the same fashion even today. In is a fool proof method which will never go wrong. However, several modifications have been made even to this contraption. It has become mechanized, but the fundamentals of the screw pump remain the same.

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Archimedes Best Invention




Archimedes-Early-Life      Archimedes was born in 287 B.C., and died in 212 B.C. Archimedes was an ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician. He was also the first scientists in the world to have invented something. Archimedes lived through the times of war and turmoil. He studied in Egypt, and was a follower of a famous mathematician Euclid. Archimedes developed a lot of interest in mathematics while he was studying under Euclid. He spent a lot of time devising how to calculate volume and area. He also defined the word pi, and formed the integral calculus. More..




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