How Did Archimedes Die ?  

Archimedes died in Syracuse in the 212 B.C. He was 75 years old at that time. Archimedes was killed by a Roman soldier during the siege of Syracuse. He is considered as one of the greatest scientists in the world who had discovered some of the greatest things which are still beneficial to mankind. Archimedes is best known for his mathematical contributions, for inventing the famous Archimedes screw, the magnifying glass and also the catapult the concepts of which is still used in modern warfare.

He also came up with the Archimedes principle, which is the greatest physics invention till date. Because people found out the relationship between volume, mass and pressure, they are able to calculate so many other things related to liquids and solids. Without Archimedes principle, the world would not have had half the inventions that it has today.

He also proved that when an object is plunged into liquid, it becomes lighter by the amount of water or liquid that has been displaced by it. Some people say that Archimedes discovered this when he stepped into the bath and he saw the water overflowing. That is when he thought that the water that is overflowing is actually equal to the pressure that has been created by the weight of his body. He also realized that the weight of liquids and the weight of solids are different. That is how we can measure liquids and vacuum in cubic feet and have different systems to measure. He also invented the Archimedes screw for the king of Syracuse.

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How Did Archimedes Die




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