When Was Archimedes Born ?  

Archimedes was born in Syracuse in 290 B.C., and he lived up to 212 B.C. He was 75 years old when he died. In fact, he was murdered by a Roman soldier. Syracuse is today’s Sicily and it was taken over by the Romans from the Greeks.

Archimedes was a renowned mathematician and he helped both the Greeks and the Romans with equal fervent.He studied under a very famous mathematician called Euclid. However, Archimedes ended up being more popular than Euclid because of his principles and inventions. Some of his inventions are used even today under the most modern circumstances, and also in technology. His equations are used for arriving at several conclusions that are considered as important calculations. The Archimedes principle forms the basis of several laws of physics.

He was the one who discovered that there was a relationship between surface and volume in a sphere. He invented a way to measure cylindrical object, and he invented the pi. He defined pi by giving it a value. He invented the hydraulic pump, which brought water from a lower level to a higher level, and he invented the Archimedes screw which was mainly used in boats those days. He gave the world the catapult which is used for modern warfare. The principle of the catapult is used in making several advanced weapons. He also invented the fire glass, which is known as the magnifying glass today. The fire glass channeled the rays of the sun in such a way that it could light a fire.

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When Was Archimedes Born




Archimedes-Best-Invention      Archimedes is one of the most popular inventors known to people in the modern world. Everyone has studied the Archimedes principle in their school. He invented so many practical things. The Archimedes screw most probably is the greatest invention that is mentioned frequently. The screw is a common item of use even today. More..




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