Details Of The Battle Of Marathon  

The Battle of Marathon took place when the Persians invaded Greece during 490 BC. It was mainly fought between Athens and Persia. Platea aided the Athenians. Datis and Artaphernes commanded the armies of Greece.

The Persian came to invade Greece as a response to Greece’s attempt to capture Ionia. However, the Greeks were only partially involved in the revolt.Persian King Darius actually swore the revenge on Athens and Eritrea. The Ionian Revolt was avenged through the Battle of Lade, and then Darius planned to attack Athens encouraged by the victory. In 490 B.C., Darius sent a naval force to attack Athens and Eritrea. The Persians started their invasion in Eritrea. They sailed towards Attica, and landed in a nearby town called the Marathon. That is where the actual battle took place, and that is why it is called the Battle of Marathon.

There was a stalemate kind of scenario before the Athenians decided to respond to the attacks. Athens strength was in their hoplites, and despite many efforts from the Persians, they could not beat the hoplites. The Persian infantry was not prepared for anything like this. The Persians were defeated at the Battle of Marathon and that ended the invasion of Greece once and for all.

However, after Darius died, his son Xerxes did attempt to invade Persia again and he started the episode all over again. The second invasion of Greece began in 480 B.C. However, the Battle of Marathon just set the record straight that the Persians could be defeated after all.

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Details Of The Battle Of Marathon




Greek-Battle-Of-Marathon      The Battle of Marathon was fought in Marathon in Greece in which the Persians launched an ambush attack on the soldiers of Athens. However, in the beginning Athenians did not respond to the attacks in anyway. There was a stalemate for four to five days, and the Persians had no clue as to what the Greeks were up to. More..




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