Greek Battle Of Marathon  

The Battle of Marathon was fought in Marathon in Greece in which the Persians launched an ambush attack on the soldiers of Athens. However, in the beginning Athenians did not respond to the attacks in anyway.

There was a stalemate for four to five days, and the Persians had no clue as to what the Greeks were up to.After the fifth day of landing on the shores, the Greeks launched the Hoplites, who were considered to be undefeatable. They were exceptional cavalry men, and the Persians did not have the right expertise to tackle them. They were too powerful.

Hoplites are soldiers who carried a long shield and also an arrow kind of spear. The Persians had not seen anything like this at that point of time.

Persia and Greece always wanted to invade each other. It was Greece’s participation in the Battle of Ionia that set the saga off. If they did not participate in the initial war, then there would have been no invasion of Greece on the Persians' mind. At that time Darius was the king of Persia, and he swore that he would invade and destroy Athens. So, on their journey to Athens they actually landed at Eritrea and invaded that country. Then they decided to proceed to Athens. However, they landed at Marathon and missed Athens completely. Athens' location was such that an army could not land successfully. In the mean time, when they were fighting and wasting their resources in Marathon, Athens launched their hoplites and defeated the Persians which marked the end of Persian invasion for the Greeks.

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Greek Battle Of Marathon




Timeline-Of-The-Battle-Of-Marathon      The Battle of Marathon started in 490 B.C., and this was the first official Persian invasion of Greece. It was fought by the people of Athens and supported by Platea, and it was against the Persian army. The Battle lasted the entire year of 490 B.C. The causes for the battle started much earlier, during the Ionian revolt in 510 B.C. More..




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