Timeline Of The Battle Of Marathon ?  

The Battle of Marathon started in 490 B.C., and this was the first official Persian invasion of Greece. It was fought by the people of Athens and supported by Platea, and it was against the Persian army.

The Battle lasted the entire year of 490 B.C. The causes for the battle started much earlier, during the Ionian revolt in 510 B.C.The Persians won then and also in the Battle of Lade. Ever since, the Persian king Darius decided to subjugate and crush the Greek forces. Also, in the mean time, Athens and Eritrea managed to capture Sardis. However, they burned the entire city down in 490 B.C. Darius sent out a naval force in 490 B.C to conquer Cyclades across the Aegean. They were also meant to attack Athens and Eritrea. In the summer of 490 B.C., the Persian army reached Eritrea.

From there they sailed to Attica and landed at Marathon. They never got to Athens, and the Athenians in turn attacked the Persian armies in Marathon itself and defeated them with the help of their strong hoplites. Until then, the Persians had a reputation for not losing at war. The Battle of Marathon that took place the entire year of 490 B.C. proved to the world that Persia could be conquered. The Persian infantry was lightly armed, and they were no match to the hoplites. This marked the first defeat of Persia, and also the end of invasion of Greece. However, after Darius died, several years later his son restarted the saga all over again in 486 B.C. But that is a different period in history and has nothing to do with the Battle of Marathon.

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Timeline Of The Battle Of Marathon




What-Is-The-Battle-Of-Marathon      The Battle of Marathon was a war between Athens and Persia that was fought on the shores of Marathon. The outcome of the battle was that the Persians were defeated. Throughout history until the Battle of Marathon, the Persians were considered invincible as they had never been defeated. There were several attacks launched on Persia like the Battle of Ionia and the Battle of Lade. However, Persians always won the war. More..




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