What Is The Battle Of Marathon ?  

The Battle of Marathon was a war between Athens and Persia that was fought on the shores of Marathon. The outcome of the battle was that the Persians were defeated.

Throughout history until the Battle of Marathon, the Persians were considered invincible as they had never been defeated. There were several attacks launched on Persia like the Battle of Ionia and the Battle of Lade. However, Persians always won the war.The Persian army had an edge when the battles were fought on their land because their cavalry had better benefits. Like, they used horses which ran very fast, and also horse drawn carriages in war. The Greeks like the Athenians and the Eritrean who sailed across had no clue they could use such things. Also, the landscapes were completely different. The Persian landscapes were desert like and flat where horse drawn carriages could run without any effort.

The Battle of Marathon was a completely a different ball game, and the Persians were not prepared for it. When the Persian naval forces landed in Eritrea, they could capture the enemy lines since the Eritreans were weak without the Greeks. Encouraged by their victory in Eritrea, the Persians set sail further in the Aegean Sea and wanted to land at Athens. However, they landed at Marathon instead. Athenians came through the land connection to Marathon and sent their hoplites who were exceptional cavalry men. Without their horses, the Persians were not that strong and their army was light. However, hoplites being stronger easily defeated the Persians in the war.

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What Is The Battle Of Marathon




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