Greek Mythology And Astrology Zodiac  

Zodiac signs are very popular, and every person who knows his or her birthday also wants to know what their zodiac sign is. Everyday predictions, monthly and yearly predictions based on zodiac signs are very popular over the Internet.

It also shows how much people are interested to know about their own characteristics based on their zodiac signs.However, not many people think about how deeply the zodiac signs are connected with the Greek mythology. Zodiac signs existed long before the western civilization even came to know about them, and it was in Greece that zodiacs were found. However, Greek mythology and their relationship are much different from the modern day zodiac signs.

The Greeks identified 12 constellations or group of stars that can be seen in the sky. Each of these constellations was associated with any one element of nature, and these elements were earth, air, water and fire. The constellations are nothing but a group of stars founding the night sky and arranged in a certain fashion. Every night these stars appear in the same fashion. The stars are stationary objects and the earth is not.

The word zodiac in Greek language means the circle of animals. Most of the zodiac signs represent some animal of land or water in some way. Like the lion, fish, crab or the scorpion. The Aries or the ram, the Taurus or the bull, Pisces the fish, Cancer the crab, Leo the lion, Scorpio the scorpion and Capricorn the goat are all animals. It is found that people's characteristics were very much like the animals or beings that represented the star constellations.

Each zodiac sign has a Greek myth attached to it. The myth gives insights as to how the animal or human got associated with the star constellation.

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Greek Mythology And Astrology Zodiac




Greek-Mythology-In-The-Constellations      The Greek name for constellations is katasterismo. There were 12 basic constellations that would appear on the night sky. The zodiac in Greek means the circle of animals. All these 12 zodiac constellations were spread out across the sky in all the four directions like the north, south, west and east. Each constellation represented an animal, a hero, a warrior or the gods. More..




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