Hercules And Greek Mythology  

Hercules has great importance in Greek mythology. He was the son of Alceme and she named him Herakles. Hercules was known for his bravery and muscle strength in Greek mythology.

It earned him a place among the gods and the Greeks used to worship him. After he left the mortal world as a hero, he found a place in the Mount Olympus, which is the gods dwelling place according to the Greek mythology.Hercules' father was none other than Zeus. Zeus had a notorious reputation with women, and had several wives. He fell in love with Alcmene who was the wife of Amphiytron. After a brief relationship with Alceme, Hercules was born. This angered Hera, Zeus' wife, and she tried to kill the child. However, Hercules survived his first attack miraculously.

When Hercules reached adulthood, he became a very famous warrior. He fell in love with a woman called Megara. She became the mother of Hercules children and they lived happily together for a long time. Hera, however, vowed to kill Hercules one way or the other. She tricked Hercules into getting into a rage, and this made him kill his own family. When Hercules was normal again he prayed to Apollo for peace. Apollo is the Sun god, who could read the future. Hercules requested the advice of the Sun god, who gave him ten important tasks to fulfill. This was the only way to purify his soul. These 10 tasks assigned by the Sun god are what made Hercules the hero he is considered today. However, he died after completing these tasks and found a place among the gods.

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Hercules And Greek Mythology




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