How Did Greek Mythology Start ?  

Greek mythology is a great collection of myths and stories about Greek legends. There are so many of them, and majority of them have achieved a godly status in mythology. Most of the stories are about the wars fought by the Greek gods, and how they became gods. There are several of them. Also, it is very interesting to learn about Greek mythology as the stories are very interesting.

These stories also reveal details about the Greek culture and practices, their religious inclinations, their faith in gods and also astrology. The Greeks have the largest collection of narrative story in the entire world perhaps. Several of the stories can be found in the excavated material such as vases, scriptures on tiles, and carvings on buildings.

The oldest known Greek mythological poems and stories are from Iliad and Odyssey. They mainly speak about the Trojan War. Whether the Trojan War happened or not is a matter of debate. However, as of now most historians believe that it is only a fictitious story. Nonetheless, according to Greek mythology, several of the Greek gods took part in the Trojan War and it was perhaps the longest war fought in the history of Greece. The archeological findings in Greece indicate that the heroes were not only worshipped, but their images were also used as a decorative art for several artworks.

The entire life of Greeks revolved around their heroes and gods. The children were named after them, and every person had his own belief on their favorite hero. Several works according to the archaeologists have been lost in the sea.

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How Did Greek Mythology Start




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