The Sirens And Greek Mythology  

In the Greek mythology, the sirens were the three dangerous women who were called the bird women in English. They lived on an island all by themselves, and this island was called the Sirenum Scopuli. They were seductresses. The sailors who heard the enchanting music coming from the island sailed towards it and were shipwrecked because the coast of the island was rocky.

The sirens were the daughters of the river god Achelous. The sirens were neither considered as goddesses or as monsters. The sirens main aim was to cause shipwrecks, and never let anyone sail across their father’s river.

The sirens were females who were extremely beautiful. They had the body of the bird and the head of the human. As per the Greek mythology, the Argonauts who were sailing close to the island escaped them because when they heard the song, Orpheus, a shrewd sailor, realized the peril they were in and took out his lyre and started singing a song himself. His song was loud and clear and managed to drown the beautiful and melodious voices of the sirens.

In another story from Greek mythology, when the ship of Odysseus passed the sirens, the sailors stuffed their ears with wax so that they do not get tempted to sail towards island. However, Odysseus tied himself to the mast of the boat so that he could hear their beautiful voices.

The sirens words were more enticing than their melody. They gave every man who came to them the wisdom, the spirit, and strength.

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The Sirens And Greek Mythology




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