What Is The Definition Of Greek Mythology ?  

Greek mythology refers to the myths and tales of the ancient Greeks. These legends and myths pertain to their Gods, the nature and their heroes. It is also a brief on the origin and significance of their cult, and the various practices that were followed by them.

Greek mythology also throws light on the origin of the world. It also has various accounts of the lives of many different gods, goddesses and mythological characters. Originally, the Greek mythology was in the poetic form, which has now been converted into literary forms. It can also be found in the form of vase paintings and votive gifts.

Greek mythology can also be termed as a refined form of the narratives that the Greeks recited during festivals and at banquets. Though there are many contradictions that can be found to these narratives, they also add to the fun.

Greek mythology speaks about the age of Gods, the age of God and men being friendly, and an age of heroes, where the presence of Gods had become limited.

The Greek mythology is an essential part of Greek history, and also a part of religion for the Greeks. The Greeks took help of this mythology to talk about natural phenomenon, traditional rivalry and friendship, different cultures and they also found great pride in finding out about one’s ancestor, be it a mythological hero or God.

Modern writers and scholars often refer to Greek mythology in order to gain more knowledge and understanding about the ancient Greek civilization and their myths.

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What Is The Definition Of Greek Mythology




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