Who Were The Trojans In Greek Mythology ?  

Though the Trojans may have a mention in the Greek mythology, the Trojans were believed to be natives of Anatolia, who spoke an Indo European called Luvian.

The Trojans used to make a living with the produce that they cultivated on their farmlands and also by servicing the ships, which used to take shelter on the beach near Troy.Troy was a rich city and the Trojans were under constant threat of attack from the Greeks.

The infamous Trojan War was a war between the people of Troy and the Greek after Paris, who belonged to Troy, stole Helen. She was the wife of Menelaus, King of Sparta. This war led to the desecration of all the temples of Troy, and the death of innumerable Trojans. It was believed that one of the Trojans had led the few surviving Trojans after the war to a place which we know as Italy today.

The Trojan War has a special mention in Greek mythology, and thus the Trojans too happen to be a vital part of the Greek history. But whether the Trojan War really took place or not is a subject of debate. Hence, it is quite difficult to find out who the Trojans were in Greek mythology or the other facts related to their existence. It would have been easier to get information about the Trojans if there would have been some archaeological findings with reference to them. However, that has not been the case and hence, information about the Trojans is limited to the Trojan War only.

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Who Were The Trojans In Greek Mythology




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