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Ares is the Greek mythological god of war and he was known to be extremely fierce and war mongering. He has caused several mythological wars including the Trojan War. All gods hated him and also his own parents hated him. He had an affair with Aphrodite, and he was also jealous of her lovers. Aphrodite was already married and she was cheating on her husband with Ares. Adonis was also a lover of Aphrodite and Ares killed Adonis out of jealousy.

Ares is a bearded and good looking god when he was in his prime. He was always portrayed as a very handsome young man. He holds a spear and has vultures and dogs in his company. Some of his positive qualities are decisiveness and fearlessness. He is very determined and makes extremely strong decision.

However, Ares is also known to be very impulsive, blood thirsty, war mongering and fighter god. Several gods hated him because of this attitude. Ares never married and he was actually always in love with war. However, he had an affair with Aphrodite and had children also known as Dioceses and Cygnus. He even had an affair with one of the sisters of the Pleiades constellation. Ares was worshipped at the time of war and there were several temples built for him.

Ares is the only son of Zeus and Hera. Right from childhood he was known to be irritable and completely contrast with his peaceful parent’s nature. Ares is compared to the Roman god of Mars.

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Facts About Ares




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What-Are-The-Accomplishments-Of-Ares-God-Of-War      Ares is the god of wars in Greek mythology. He is considered to be a major Greek god and is one of the 12 main Olympian gods. He is the son of Zeus and Hera. He is often known as the god of war, and is also called the god of bloodlust. He is the god for weapons and war. The ancient Greek name for war was Ares. Ares was responsible for starting several famous wars like the Trojan War. Also, he is considered as the Roman god of wars, which is Mars. More..




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