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Ares is known as the Olympian god of war and courage. Ares was not a preferred god according to Greek mythology and he was actually hated by several other gods. In the depictions Ares is pictured as a mature warrior who is in the arms of the battle. He has a beard and is nude holding a helm and a spear. He lacked clear attributes and also is quite difficult to identify in mythical art.More...

Ares Family Tree

Ares Family Tree

Ares is considered as the Olympian god of war, manliness and battle lust. There are many gods in the Greek mythology who represent their own cause. Some are gods of bravery and some for love and others for lust. For every single quality and characteristic there is a god in Greek mythology. Most of the Greek gods have been born to gods. Some gods even had mortal children and they live don earth as heroes. Gods are worshipped for their qualities and their achievements in Greek mythology.More...



What Is Ares Roman Name ?

What Is Ares Roman Name

Ares is one of the Greek mythological gods, but he was the most unpopular. Nobody liked war and everyone wanted peace. However, Ares was always blood thirsty and wanted to see more destruction and war. In the methodical stories, Ares actually needed no reason for creating war, and even the simplest mistake could warrant an extremely damaging war.More...



What Are The Accomplishments Of Ares God Of War ?

What Are The Accomplishments Of Ares God Of War

Ares is the god of wars in Greek mythology. He is considered to be a major Greek god and is one of the 12 main Olympian gods. He is the son of Zeus and Hera. He is often known as the god of war, and is also called the god of bloodlust. He is the god for weapons and war. The ancient Greek name for war was Ares. Ares was responsible for starting several famous wars like the Trojan War. Also, he is considered as the Roman god of wars, which is Mars.More...



Facts About Ares

Facts About Ares

Ares is the Greek mythological god of war and he was known to be extremely fierce and war mongering. He has caused several mythological wars including the Trojan War. All gods hated him and also his own parents hated him. He had an affair with Aphrodite, and he was also jealous of her lovers. Aphrodite was already married and she was cheating on her husband with Ares. Adonis was also a lover of Aphrodite and Ares killed Adonis out of jealousy.More...





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