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Dionysus is a mythological Greek god of wine and grapes. He is also the god of merriment and festivities and all kinds of vegetation. Dionysus is the half brother of Apollo. People of ancient Greece believed that he was the son of Zeus and Semele. Dionysus was considered twice born because he was born twice. He was once conceived in the womb and then in a thigh.

The legend says that Hera, the queen of the gods, was very jealous of her husband’s roving eye and usually avenged the woman whom he slept with. Zeus visited Semele in a human form. However, he claimed to her that he is a god. However, Semele could not believe and she said that she would need more than his word to believe he is a god. Zeus knew that semele cannot withstand his original form and feeling helpless he had to reveal himself. The brightness of his original being killed Semele and she was burnt to ashes. Zeus removed his unborn child from her womb and attached the fetus to his thigh and Dionysus was there until he was born. That is why Dionysus is called the Twice Born.More...


Dionysus Symbol

Dionysus Symbol

Dionysus is a very important Greek god of wine, merriment, festivals and vegetation. He was one of the Olympians. In pictures and statues, Dionysus was depicted as a dark haired man with a beard and sometimes, he is without a beard. His symbols are grapes, wine cups, and a pine cone.

Dionysus is considered s the creator of wine and also when things get dull he brings in festivities and literally shakes things up. He is also considered as the god of intoxification and drunkenness. He clogs the mind and takes away clarity in thoughts. He is the son of Zeus and Semele. Semeles unthoughtfully asked Zeus to show his real form and when he appeared thunder and lighting struck Semele and she was consumed. Zeus saved their child from the ashes of her body. Dionysus had several spouses and one of the most widely known among them all is Ariadne. He had several children from her, like Oenopion and Staphylos, and both these children were associated with grapes and wine making.More...



Dionysus Family Tree

Dionysus Family Tree

Dionysus is one of the great Greek Olympian gods. He is the go of wine, pleasure, festivals and vegetation. Dionysus had several children. Some of his children were gods and others were mortals who ruled kingdoms. He was an important god because he was connected with merriment which is very important for the people of ancient Greece. People of ancient Greece celebrated all the important events in their life.

Dionysus family tree is as follows:

Hymenaios was the god of weddings. The wedding hymn itself which was sung was called the son of Dionysus and Aphrodite.

Iakkhos was the god of the Eleusinian Mysteries. He was a son of Dionysus and the Titan Aphrodite, and also known as third Dionysus.

Kharites was the goddesses of the gracesMore...





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