What Are Hades Powers ?  

Hades is the god of the Underworld. He is the rulers of the dead and he controls all the riches and wealth. He owns all the precious metals found in the earth’s core. He is also known to be the ruler of Hades, which is another name for the Underworld. All the demons and monsters are controlled by him. He was born on the mountain of Olympus.

Most people living on Earth are unaware of his existence and he is just a mythological figure. He lives in the dark Underworld. So, nobody really knows him or has seen him. However, he is very powerful because he controls all the riches on earth. The name of Hades in other civilizations is Pluto in Roman Empire, Mantus in Etruscan and many more. He married Persephone, who only spends one third of a year with him, and was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter.

Hades is the third son of Kronus, the god of time, and Rhea, the mother god. However, Kronus swallowed him when he was born. Hades powers of the Underworld were not known much to the world, but he rules over all the riches. Every single piece of gold, silver and all the precious metals were owned by him. So, he was basically worshipped for giving wealth to people. He also protected the rights of the dead, and he presided over their funeral rights. Hades took care of the dead. He was a strong and determined god, just like his brother Zeus. Zeus and Poseidon were his brothers, and Hades was as powerful as them.

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What Are Hades Powers




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What-Does-Hades-Look-Like      Hades is known by several other names such as Aides, Aidoneus, Pluto the rich god and Ditis Pater. He is the god of riches and wealth. He is the son of Cronus and Rhea, and has several siblings like Demeter, Heista, Zeus and Poseidon. Hades never had any children and no stories have ever depicted about him having children. More..




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