Hermes Family Tree  

Hermes is one of the Olympian gods and he governs the herds, travel, language, athletics, and thieves. Hermes also had a big family tree just like any other Greek gods. The ancient Greek culture had a god for every thing. Every single activity or art and culture was dependent on the blessings of the god.

There were some mortals who turned into war heroes a secured a place among the god. The Greeks worshipped and built temples for them also. For example, Hercules was one of them. Though many of the children born in Greece were the offsprings of the gods and the goddesses, not all of them got to godly status.

There are several important gods in the Greek system of hierarchy and Hermes was one of them. Gods like Apollo and Zeus were regarded on the top of the hierarchical tree. Hermes was depicted as a bearded man in the Greek mythology. He held a wand and wore winged boots. He was also sometimes depicted as a handsome young man and sometimes as an older man. He also is depicted as a winged traveler and wears a Chlamys cloak in some pictures.

Here is a brief list of gods and goddesses that form Hermes' family tree:

Angelia, the goddess of messages
Eleusis, the goddess of the Eleusinian mysteries
Hermaphroditos, the hermaphroditic demon
Oreiades, many of the Oreiades were believed to Hermes' daughters
Palaistra, the goddess of wrestling
Pan, the goat footed god of shepherd
Priapos, the god of garden fertility
Satyroi, one of the 3 Satyrs

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Hermes Family Tree




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Mthology-Of-Hermes-Greek-God      Hermes was one of the great Olympian gods in Greek mythology. He is the god who rules over animal husbandry, astronomy, astrology language, writing, travel, roads, heralds and hospitality among a range of other things. He developed several kinds of arts. Hermes was the personal messenger for Zeus, who was the king of gods. More..




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