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Hermes was one of the great Olympian gods in Greek mythology. He is the god who rules over animal husbandry, astronomy, astrology language, writing, travel, roads, heralds and hospitality among a range of other things. He developed several kinds of arts. Hermes was the personal messenger for Zeus, who was the king of gods.

In Greek mythology, Hermes was depicted in two styles. One was he was shown as a very handsome young man and in some other stories as an old bearded guy. He wore the winged boots, a traveler’s cap and also a chlamys cloak. There are several mythological stories that included him, like story about the theft of Apollo’s cattle, the slaying of Argos Panoptes, assisting of Perseus and the seduction of Kheone.

Hermes was worshipped and even temples were built for him. He also lived on Mount Olympus, the abode of the gods. Hermes is typically worshipped before the starting of any new projects in arts and handicrafts. He is also worshipped during festivals. Also, according to Greek mythology, he is the only god who did not participate in the Trojan War. He did not slay any demons either. He was very brave, but there were heroes who were braver than him. He was a very honest god and that is why Zeus kept him as his personal assistant. Any important task that Zeus would have to execute was given to him. There are about ten stories in Greek mythology in which Hermes was given great prominence.

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Mthology Of Hermes Greek God




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