The Sign Of Hermes  

Hermes is also known as the messenger of gods in Greek mythology. He was also responsible for bringing the dead to the Underworld. Hermes played an important role among the Greek gods, and he was the personal assistant of Zeus. Hermes is also considered as the god of commerce.

In several depictions in Greek mythology, Hermes is shown as a winged traveler, and sometimes wearing winged boots. He also wears a chlamys cloak. He has the reputation of being a very helpful god. Hermes is also the god of fertility in men. Hermes is the son of Zeus and Maia, who was one of the Pleiades.

Hermes had an affair with Aphrodite and had a son called Hermaphrodites. He also had a union with the nymph Calisto and had a son called Pan. He also had other sons like Autolycus and Myrtilus.

The Romans equate Hermes to Mercury. Hermes is sometime pictured with a beard and as and old man, and in some depictions he is shown as a handsome young man. His symbols are his winged hat, sandals and cloak. He also holds a staff of a shepherd and has a lyre made of tortoise shell. Hermes is also known as the herdsman of the dead. He brings on luck and is a giver of grace. He is also known as the slayer of Argus. Hermes controls music and commerce. He is also known for his cunning nature, and he is a thief from the day of his birth. Hermes controls the souls of the dead until they reach the underworld.

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The Sign Of Hermes




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Why-Was-Hermes-The-Messenger-Of-God      Hermes is known as the great messenger of the gods in Greek mythology. He is also the guide to the Underworld, as he carries the dead souls into the Underworld. He is known to be the giver of grace and he is a merciful god. He assists travelers and is also called the shepherd of the dead. He is also the master of cunning people and the thieves. More..




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