Why Was Hermes The Messenger Of God ?  

Hermes is known as the great messenger of the gods in Greek mythology. He is also the guide to the Underworld, as he carries the dead souls into the Underworld. He is known to be the giver of grace and he is a merciful god. He assists travelers and is also called the shepherd of the dead. He is also the master of cunning people and the thieves.

He is the closest associate of Zeus and is his personal assistant. Zeus gives all the important tasks to be accomplished to Hermes and even if he has to send out messages to other gods Zeus takes the help of Hermes. That is why Hermes is known as the messenger of gods. He delivers the messages with tact because he is extremely cunning.

Hermes is credited with the invention of commerce and trade. He also is responsible for sports, athletics, weights and measures. His attributes include the rooster, tortoise shell, the winged shoes and the hat and the lyre that he holds. He also wears a short cloak. The lyre was given to him by Apollo himself.

The Romans believe Hermes to be the equivalent of Mercury. He could have been inherited from the Etruscans as per the Romans. However, in Greek mythology, Hermes is the son of Zeus and Maia. He has been with Zeus since he was born, and is considered a thief right from the moment he was born. Just after his birth, he stole cattle belonging to Apollo. However, Hermes is the protector of travelers and the shepherd of souls. He delivered the messages from the gods to the mortals.

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Why Was Hermes The Messenger Of God




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