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Hermes was one of the great Olympian gods in Greek mythology. He is the god who rules over animal husbandry, astronomy, astrology language, writing, travel, roads, heralds and hospitality among a range of other things. He developed several kinds of arts. Hermes was the personal messenger for Zeus, who was the king of gods.

Zeus was an adulterous god, and he had a weakness for women. He fell in love with Alcmene, who was the wife of Amphitryon. Immediately, Alcmene became pregnant and gave birth to a male child called Hercules. Hera was angered by this and she tried to kill Hercules. However, he survived even after her assault. When Hercules was a young man, he was a popular and strong warrior too. He fell in love with a woman called Megara. He married her and she bore him children. However, Hera never forgave Hercules and she tricked Hercules into getting into a rage in which he killed his entire family. When Hercules was normal again he saw that it was too late.More...



Hermes Family Tree

Hermes Family Tree

Hermes is one of the Olympian gods and he governs the herds, travel, language, athletics, and thieves. Hermes also had a big family tree just like any other Greek gods. The ancient Greek culture had a god for every thing. Every single activity or art and culture was dependent on the blessings of the god.

There were some mortals who turned into war heroes a secured a place among the god. The Greeks worshipped and built temples for them also. For example, Hercules was one of them. Though many of the children born in Greece were the offsprings of the gods and the goddesses, not all of them got to godly status.More...



The Sign Of Hermes

The Sign Of Hermes

Hermes is also known as the messenger of gods in Greek mythology. He was also responsible for bringing the dead to the Underworld. Hermes played an important role among the Greek gods, and he was the personal assistant of Zeus. Hermes is also considered as the god of commerce.

In several depictions in Greek mythology, Hermes is shown as a winged traveler, and sometimes wearing winged boots. He also wears a chlamys cloak. He has the reputation of being a very helpful god. Hermes is also the god of fertility in men. Hermes is the son of Zeus and Maia, who was one of the Pleiades.More...



Why Was Hermes The Messenger Of God ?

Why Was Hermes The Messenger Of God

Hermes is known as the great messenger of the gods in Greek mythology. He is also the guide to the Underworld, as he carries the dead souls into the Underworld. He is known to be the giver of grace and he is a merciful god. He assists travelers and is also called the shepherd of the dead. He is also the master of cunning people and the thieves.

He is the closest associate of Zeus and is his personal assistant. Zeus gives all the important tasks to be accomplished to Hermes and even if he has to send out messages to other gods Zeus takes the help of Hermes. That is why Hermes is known as the messenger of gods. He delivers the messages with tact because he is extremely cunning.More...





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