How Many Children Did Zeus Have ?  

Zeus is the greatest among all the Greek gods. He was the lord of the sky and weather and even today his image appears on several Greek coins. The Greeks mainly worshipped Zeus. The Zeus temple is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Zeus is the king of the gods and lived on Mount Olympus. He is the son of Cronus and Rhea. They were Titans.

However, Cronus used to swallow all his children at birth because of a prophecy that one his male offsprings would kill him and take over the throne. Zeus was the only one to have escaped and when he grew up, he saved his swallowed siblings. He had six siblings, and they included Poseidon and Hades.

Zeus was one of the most unfaithful husbands in Greek mythological stories and has had affairs with several women. He had several children from various women. He fell in love with the women and even if they refused him, he pursued them with persistence.

Zeus was married to Hera. She was a very jealous woman, and she destroyed or harmed whoever Zeus had an affair with. He was also very smart and extremely adept in hiding his love affairs. Zeus had many children, like Artemis, Hercules and Persephone. Some of his offsprings were mortals, some demi-gods and remaining immortals.

Zeus had a very short temper and destroyed anything that came his way if he was angry. He had a war mongering attitude, but nothing compared to Ares. Zeus was portrayed to be a mighty and glorious god. Zeus is seen as the protector of gods and humans. In pictures he is shown holding the specter and an eagle perched on the top of his left hand. He had a winged goddess of victory in his right hand.

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How Many Children Did Zeus Have




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Myths-About-Zeus      Zeus is a mythological god of the heaven and the world and he is also the king of gods. According to the Greek mythology he is the greatest among all gods. He is the god of the sky, weather, fate and law and order. He was always depicted with a dark beard, a majestic body and a mature face. More..




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