Who Is Zeus Father ?  

Zeus' father was Cronus. He was a Titan and was married to Rhea. He was the son of Gaea, the Earth, and Uranus, the sky. Cronus was known to be a jealous god and was highly feared by other gods and the mortals. He killed his own father and took over the reins. He was afraid that he too would meet with the same fate. So, to prevent this from happening, he swallowed his children the moment they were born.

The only child that Cronus did not swallow was Zeus because Rhea fooled him into swallowing a stone by presenting the stone as the newborn baby. Zeus was send away to an island and on growing up, he laced his father's drink with a poison that caused Cronus to vomit out the children he had swallowed. All the children emerged fully grown up and they were Hades, Hestia, Hera, Demeter and Poseidon.

With the help of his freed siblings, Zeus then declared a war against the Titans. Some Titans decided to side with Zeus, and these were allowed to keep powers and ranks when Zeus became the supreme god. Styx and her kids were the first Titans to switch sides, and she was given honor by being made the Oath River.

On defeating Cronus, Zeus banished him to the Tartaros. However, after many years of exile, Cronus was allowed to rejoin the gods at Mount Olympus.

In Greek mythology, Cronus is portrayed as a god holding a sickle. It was with this sickle that he castrated his father, Uranus, and then became the king of the universe. Cronus is also considered as the god of harvest.

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Who Is Zeus Father




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