Why Was King Of Gods Zeus ?  

Zeus is depicted as an older god and also as a powerful young man in several stories. He is attributed by the famous thunderbolt or the lighting. Some of the strongest points for Zeus were he was highly powerful, very strong god and very charming. He had his way with women. He was also very persistent when it came to women. Zeus was the son of Cronus and Rhea, the god of time and the mother god respectively.

Cronus used to swallow his children after they were born. Zeus escaped and he also saved all his siblings after they were swallowed by their father. He gave a potion to his father and made him vomit all his siblings. Zeus along with his brothers, Poseidon and Hades, drove the Titans, including his parents, out of the universe. After that they divided the universal powers among themselves. Since Zeus saved his brothers, he was named the king of gods. This is the reason why Zeus is considered as the king of gods. If he did not save his brothers according to the mythological story, then there would have been no world in existence. That is why Zeus is given such a high position among all the Greek mythological gods.

Zeus is a very moody god. His wife Hera was very possessive and jealous. However, this did not stop Zeus from having several affairs and producing offsprings. In fact, each time Zeus had an affair, Hera would harm the women or the offsprings created from the union. The only offspring she could harm was Hercules. Zeus had many children from his wife Hera and his affairs. Many of the children became great heroes and fought valiantly in wars. Some of the Zeus' children also became gods and demi-gods.

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Why Was King Of Gods Zeus




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Zeus-Family-Tree      Zeus was the supreme king and an Olympian. His parents were Titans, and they were Cronus and Rhea. Zeus was the only offspring that Cronus could not swallow at the time of his birth. This was because Rhea presented a stone wrapped up in a cloth. Then Rhea spirited away Zeus to the island of Crete where he was brought up by a nymph. More..




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