Family Tree Of Greek Gods And Goddess  

According to Greek mythology the 2 Olympians were the main Greek pantheon gods who lived on Mount Olympus. Sometimes it is said that there are 14 main Olympian gods. The 12 principal gods on the Mount Olympian are as follows:

Zeus is called the king of gods. He is the son of Rhea and Cronus who were the first generation Greek gods known as the Titans. Wife of Zeus is Hera, and she was mother of Zeus children and she is also the sister of Zeus. Brother of Hades is Zeus and is also called the god of underworld. Poseidon is brother of Zeus and is the god of sea. Demeter is the sister of Zeus and the goddess of harvest.

Aphrodite is elder to Zeus as told by many legends, but some say that she is daughter of Zeus and the goddess of beauty. Daughter of Zeus is Athena. She was born from the head of Zeus fully grown with a helmet and armor and she is called the goddess of wisdom. Son of Zeus is Apollo whose mother is Leto. Apollo is sun god. Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo and daughter of Zeus. Artemis is the goddess of hunt. Hermes is Zeus' son and is the messenger of god. Hephaestus is offspring of Hera and Zeus, and he is the god of fire and volcanoes. Hera and Zeus also have a son named Ares, the god of war. Hestia gave her throne to Dionysus, an Olympian, so that she could live with mankind.

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Family Tree Of Greek Gods And Goddess




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