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Aphrodite was called the goddess of love, beauty and desire. She is considered as a goddess of fertility, victory and good fortune. She is believed as the only Olympian who had no parents. Aphrodite along with family lived on the mount Olympus. Zeus married her off to Hephaestus because he was scared that she would raise conflicts among the gods. Aphrodite married him, but she was unhappy with Hephaestus. He was lame, proud and ugly. So, she had affairs with others like the god of war, Ares.

Aphrodite was worshipped by lots of women because it was believed that they will have a wonderful partner in their life to love. As many worshipped her, temples were built for her. The most popular temple is the temple of Venus situated in Rome.

There is no proper story about the birth of Aphrodite. There are 2 versions in the case of birth of Aphrodite, some believe that she was a creation and others say that she was born.

As the other gods have symbol Aphrodite also has her own symbol, she is depicted with dove and swan. Some believe that the third bird is the sparrow. It is believed that the tree of Aphrodite was myrtle.

Aphrodite is connected with gold and other finer things. She is often portrayed in golden clothes in the Homer’s Lliad along with a golden apple. Many depicted her as having golden hair. Her connection with the gold symbolizes her perfection, love and warmth. The gold she puts on herself is depicted as the symbol of seducing and aphrodisiacal powers which can be seen in women.

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Symbol Of Aphrodite




Who-Was-Aphrodite-Married-To      Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was married to the god of the fire of the forge or god of craftsman named Hephaestus. He was not handsome and was crippled physically, but he had excellent metal smithing skills, and he made beautiful jewelry in Olympus. This relationship was the result of desire. Her physical pleasures and sensual nature was desired by Hephaestus and golden jewels were desired by Hephaestus. More..




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