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Among all the Olympian goddesses only Artemis had a mother. Artemis is known as daughter of Zeus and Leto. Hera, wife of Zeus was angry when she got to know that her husband was dishonest and forbade any person to give protection to Leto to let her give birth to the twins. Leto went all around and finally lived in the island of Delos and gave birth to her children. Apollo was called the god of sun and Artemis was called the goddess of moon and hunt.

Artemis is depicted wearing a short tunic along with sandals with flat heel and arrows in the bag on the back. She is connected with the animals like the bear, the stag, the boar, packs of dogs and also the goat. Her arrows are frequently used to hunt and also for other purposes. It is also believed that she can infect people with plague using her arrows and also to punish those persons who have mistreated her. She is also linked with the childbirth and her arrows are used to relieve the women during labor. She is also related to the crescent moon which can be seen on her head sometimes.

It is believed that Artemis is also as beautiful as was Aphrodite, but the two has differences. Artemis beauty is not about sexual relations like Aphrodite’s beauty.

As Artemis is related to the childbirth, she has a power to create life on earth and also to take away. The female animals and also humans are helped by Artemis during labor.

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Artemis Stories




Interesting-Facts-About-Artemis      Artemis, known to be Apollo’s twin sister, is the goddess of moon and hunt. She is frequently associated with the wildlife, forest, moon and childbirth. Here are some interesting facts about Artemis. More..




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