Interesting Facts About Artemis  

Artemis, known to be Apollo’s twin sister, is the goddess of moon and hunt. She is frequently associated with the wildlife, forest, moon and childbirth. Here are some interesting facts about Artemis.

Artemis is depicted as eternal youth with beauty and strength and also with a pack of arrows on her back. Her brow sometimes has the lunar crescent. The cypress and the deer are holy to her and she is depicted with these images.

Artemis had the physical strength to defend on her own; she is also depicted as a protector of women during the time of labor. She is also depicted as a guardian of wildlife protecting the female animals during the labor time.

Artemis does not like men. If she observes a person watching her when taking bath she orders the man to be torn apart. She is in opposition with marriage and it is believed that women losses freedom because of marriage. She was going around forests than going around men and competing for men’s attention.

Artemis is the offspring of Leto and Zeus. She has a twin brother Apollo. The Greek mythology says that her birth happened on the island of Delos underneath the palm tree.

There is a temple for Artemis in Brauron, which is located outside the Athens. Even though she did not like men, she permitted young boys to study in her sanctuary in Brauron. In the city museum, statues have stayed for many years that exhibit young girls and boys.

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Interesting Facts About Artemis




Symbol-Of-Goddess-Artemis      Artemis was the most respected Greek goddess. Some of the scholars believe that her name and she are pre-Greek. Homer called her as Artemis Agrotera, Artemis of the wild land, Potnia Theron and the mistress of animals. In the Greek mythology classical period, Artemis is said to be the child of Leto and Zeus, and Apollo is her twin brother. More..




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