Symbol Of Goddess Artemis  

Artemis was the most respected Greek goddess. Some of the scholars believe that her name and she are pre-Greek. Homer called her as Artemis Agrotera, Artemis of the wild land, Potnia Theron and the mistress of animals. In the Greek mythology classical period, Artemis is said to be the child of Leto and Zeus, and Apollo is her twin brother.

She is the goddess of wild animals, hunt, wilderness, virginity, childbirth and young girls. She is said to be the protector of the female animals and humans during the time of labor. And, she is depicted as a huntress with the bows and arrows.

Artemis after some time is recognized with Selene, moon goddess of the Greek, who is depicted on her brow with a crescent moon. She was recognized with goddess Diana of Rome, Artume the Etruscan goddess and goddess Hecate who was the Carian or Greek goddess.

The symbols of goddess is different for every goddess which were included in worshipping the ancient goddesses who were adored with jewelry and also used as talismans in household décor to be gifted with gifs, blessings and protection. A lot of symbols of the goddess lasted in the art works.

Artemis is depicted as a new moon and she is connected with the symbols relating to her adventurous and the fierce nature but also shows feminism and nature. Many of the icons symbolizing the strength of feminism and passion are the derivatives of the ancient goddess, Artemis who is the goddess of moon and hunt.

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Symbol Of Goddess Artemis




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