Why Was Artemis The Goddess Of The Moon And Hunt ?  

Artemis was the offspring of Zeus and titan Leto as per Homeric hymns. She was called the goddess of moon and hunt and childbirth. She has a twin brother named Apollo. And, similar to Apollo, Artemis was also connected with many divine attributes.

As she was a huntress, she is symbolized using along with a bow and arrows. She hunts animals but she also protects them in the forests. Artemis also respected chastity and she was a divine virgin. She was angry with the mortals who seduced her to relieve her virginity. Once a Theban hunter saw her taking bath and when Artemis saw him, she made him into stag and felled by his hounds.

Artemis is a goddess who is self made. She asked her daddy to help her in becoming the goddess of hunt and to stay in mountains. She also asked for a 69 year old Oceanides to be her followers and 20 nymphs from Amnisos River. She also helped the women and female animals during the labor. She also bought the Cyclops made for her in silver and spectacular.

There are many names for Artemis in the Greek mythology. She was called the Agrotera, the goddess who protected the hunters and also gifted them with endeavors. She was also called the protector of the wild creatures known as Potnia Theron. She was also called as Locheia sometimes as the goddess of childbirth. And she was made offerings by the expectant mothers. She is also called the phoebe which is the alternative nickname of Apollo.

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Why Was Artemis The Goddess Of The Moon And Hunt




Artemis-Stories      Among all the Olympian goddesses only Artemis had a mother. Artemis is known as daughter of Zeus and Leto. Hera, wife of Zeus was angry when she got to know that her husband was dishonest and forbade any person to give protection to Leto to let her give birth to the twins. Leto went all around and finally lived in the island of Delos and gave birth to her children. Apollo was called the god of sun and Artemis was called the goddess of moon and hunt. More..




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